Leaders Reclaiming Biblical Stewardship
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Relationships Rooted in Financial Discipleship

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

“To me, financial peace results in the ability to do good.”

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On the Fast Track: One Church's Million-Dollar Difference

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Great Commission Church Fast-Forwards Its Families’ Financial Stewardship With Momentum.

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Double the Debt Freedom

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

A debt-free South Carolina church helps members reach the same goal with Momentum.

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A Smart Way to Reach Families This Easter

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Easter, the highest church attendance day of the year, is coming fast! High attendance is great but the real success lies in how many people return. Have you thought about the weeks afterward?

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New Resource Helps Parents Raise a Generation That Wins With Money

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Parents can help grow a generation of wise adults who know how to win with money.

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Is Poverty Next to Godliness?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Messages from our culture about wealth and success can be pretty confusing. On one hand, we’re encouraged to work hard and succeed. On the other hand, those who are winning with money are told they’re evil.

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Why Continue With Money?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

We trust God with our lives when we fly cross-country. We pray for guidance in relationships and jobs. Yet when it comes to the cash in our bank accounts . . . well, we think we know best how to use it.

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Everyone Needs a Paul, a Timothy and a Barnabas

by Dave Ramsey|Ministry Life

God works through each of the relationships in our lives. He uses a Paul to guide us. He uses a Timothy to help us mature. And He uses a Barnabas to challenge us.

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Journey of a Debt-Free Church

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

As much of the country struggled to get by in a busted economy, Calvary Revival’s members were learning to avoid debt, plan for the future, and give generously.

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5 Characteristics of a Real Goal

by Dave Ramsey|Ministry Life

Your success depends on your ability to set and achieve goals—they convert vision into energy, and they turn dreams into reality.

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Why You Need to Take a Sabbath

by Stewardship Central|Ministry Life

Pastor Robert Morris explains why good stewardship of time is so important for church leaders.

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4 Ways to Cultivate Generous Hearts in Your Congregation

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Fostering generosity in your congregation doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. It takes planning, intentionality and time.

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Beauty From Ashes

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

An Indianapolis Church Overcomes Challenges to Change Lives Through Momentum.

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Coaching for Finance and Hope

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Biblical financial coaching is all about reminding people that God owns it all, and we’re just the managers of everything He’s blessed us with.

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Sample Job Description: Do You have a Stewardship Pastor?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

What should you look for when hiring a Stewardship Pastor? We’ve created a sample job description of what you need to watch for.

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Changing the Way People Think About Generosity

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Brad Formsma loves a riveting story. In fact, he’s found that a powerful story about giving can be the key to unleashing the radically generous giver inside all of us.

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Dave Ramsey Explains the Biblical Principles of Wealth and Money

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Wealth can be a blessing or a curse. It’s not the money that’s the problem, though. It’s our attitude toward it.

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Dave Briggs' 3 Tips for a Holistic Stewardship Ministry

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

So what does an effective, holistic stewardship ministry look like? It’s a toolbox filled with resources for every person and situation.

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Why Start With Money?

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Financial discipleship should be part of every new believer’s or new member’s ministry. Money issues often overlap with other life challenges that need to be addressed to open the door to a deeper, more authentic faith.

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Progress Through Intentionality

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

A Nashville-area church leads its congregation through Momentum, one tiny step at a time.

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Pastor Robert Morris Calls Us to Change Our Hearts

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Pastor Robert Morris explains how generosity leads to a life overflowing with blessings.

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Ron Blue's Simple Message of Stewardship

by Stewardship Central|Ministry Life

Ron Blue's take on stewardship and how church leaders can share that message effectively with the people in their pews.

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7 Lessons Truett Cathy Taught Us

by Stewardship Central|Leadership

In honor of Truett Cathy’s life, here are seven principles that will work in making a living and in building a life.

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20 Years of Changing Family Trees

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

This represents just three of the millions of stories that can now be told because of you.

Momentum maple park 309x154 Case study

Shaking Off the Shackles of Debt

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

As a congregation, the church’s mortgage debt is down to $971,000 with a planned pay-off in six years.