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What Does It Mean to Be a Steward?

Pastor chris williamson

by Chris Williamson | Stewardship Defined | Comments

Chris Williamson’s message is simple: Regardless of our social status or bank account, the principles of biblical stewardship don’t change. We are managers of God’s stuff. He owns it all, so we can’t hold anything in our hands tightly.

“The proof that you don’t own anything is that when they put you away in that box, you’re not going to have anything in your hand,” says Williamson, pastor of Strong Tower Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee. “You came in naked. You’re going to leave naked ultimately.”

Williamson also emphasizes that the message of biblical stewardship is holistic and includes every area of our lives. So, in addition to our money, we also need to acknowledge God’s ownership over things like our physical bodies and our family relationships. Everything belongs to Him.

Chris Williamson is the founder and Senior Pastor of Strong Tower Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee.
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