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The Stewardship Challenge

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Some days are diamonds. Some days are stones.

No one knows that better than pastors. Inspirational Sundays can give way to bumpy Mondays. Like Elijah, the victories of Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:1–39) often turn into the loneliness and fear of Mount Horeb (1 Kings 19:1–14). The roller coaster of leadership can send you in any number of directions and balance can be hard to find.

We wish we could get rid of all the frustrations you face as a church leader. But while we can’t do that, we can provide you with help in one important area—biblical stewardship.

We know it’s a sticky subject—not a good sticky like what’s described in Chip and Dan Heath’s book Made to Stick, but an uncomfortable sticky you’d rather avoid. But pastors who guide churches of every size and denomination tell us that the biggest barrier to their congregation’s ability to fulfill God’s vision is a lack of resources and money.

We believe that understanding biblical stewardship can help a congregation overcome that barrier. When people embrace the truth that God owns it all, it changes their lives. It changes the way they serve, the way they give, the way they approach their marriage and their relationships with their kids.

Stewardship changes everything.

You can help your people, and we’ve created StewardshipCentral.org to help you!

Launched in the fall of 2013, Stewardship Central is a website completely dedicated to helping church leaders understand and communicate the true meaning of biblical stewardship. It’s not about taking care of the environment. It’s not even about fundraising or building campaigns.

Genuine biblical stewardship is all about remembering that God owns everything and that we are called to manage all His stuff for His glory. That’s a message every believer in the pew needs to grasp, and Stewardship Central wants to become your partner in sharing these truths with the people you love.

Among Stewardship Central’s features, you’ll find . . .

Insightful stewardship articles written by pastors and stewardship leaders from across the country

Real-life examples of stewardship ministries in action at the local church level

Sermons from respected voices like Dave Ramsey, Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel and others that focus on making God’s ways of handling money a part of a congregation’s DNA

Tools like the Generosity Snapshot and special budgeting forms that emphasize applying sound financial principles to the lives of individuals and the mission of the local church

Information about effective resources and solutions, such as Momentum training events and financial discipleship studies like Financial Peace University, The Legacy Journey and Generation Change

This month, we’re also introducing the Stewardship Central Newsletter. For years, the Dave Ramsey team has used the Pastor’s Resource Newsletter to bring you helpful articles and important information about church leadership. The Stewardship Central Newsletter provides a fresh look, but continues serving you with ministry content that’s more focused, relevant and timely.

We know your job is tough, but when it comes to leading your congregation toward a better understanding of stewardship, you don’t have to tackle the responsibility alone. We want to walk with you and encourage you along the way.

StewardshipCentral.org is one way we’re working to make that happen.

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