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Hosted by Pastor Chris Brown With Ken Coleman

Introducing Our All-New Leadership Momentum Podcast

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Imagine being able to access the best advice from the country’s most respected church leaders all in one place—a place where these leaders come together to equip and encourage you through their personal experience.

That place is the all-new Leadership Momentum Podcast.

The Leadership Momentum Podcast will bring together some of the world’s top church leaders to share their inspirational wisdom and bold advice. Pastor Chris Brown, a dynamic pastor and speaker charged with carrying a message of biblical stewardship and intentional living to churches nationwide, will host the once-monthly podcast. In each episode, he’ll be joined by Ken Coleman, host of The Dave Ramsey Show Video Channel and the EntreLeadership Podcast.

“We’re starting to see this whole stewardship concept as more than just managing God’s money well,” says Dave Ramsey. “It’s a whole lot bigger than that. It’s managing every resource—time, talent, treasure—for God’s glory. And that certainly means that one of the resources leaders in the church have is the power they have sitting in a leadership role in the Christian community. That is a resource. That’s something to be stewarded.”

Chris and his guests will peel back the layers of church leadership, the personal lives of pastors, and the role of money in the lives of Christians. They’ll dig deep into the minds and hearts of those leaders to glean the practical insight it takes to succeed in ministry, and they’ll get the scoop on their leadership successes and failures. And, hey, they may even crack a few jokes.

Chris says, “We’re bringing everybody together to get the best ideas in the room and share them with the 300,000-plus churches around this country so we can all become better—so we can all steward our congregations better, our budgets better, our position, our influence, our families . . . you name it.”

Listen to the Leadership Momentum Podcast on StewardshipCentral.org and iTunes now.

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