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Financial Coach Master Series Helps Church Gear Up for Momentum, Stewardship Ministry

Coaching for Finance and Hope

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It came down to hope versus despair, simplicity versus complexity.

After four days of attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Series in Nashville, Tennessee, Jesse Travis knew he was returning home to San Antonio with a new perspective on helping people find financial peace.  

“It’s not just about the money, but it’s about the person too,” says Travis, a financial advisor who works daily to help people overcome financial crisis. “One of the biggest eye-openers was the hope aspect. I think the idea of injecting hope is very exciting. When I’ve done this outside of the church, that’s really not been a primary concern. But when you inject hope, you can back that up with Scripture and prayer. To me, that’s where you really start changing lives, and that’s awesome.”

As a finance professional, Travis has used the expensive software, complex charts, beautiful retirement simulations and 18-page budget forms for his clients. But he says he’s realized that Dave’s approach to financial coaching—a biblically based approach that’s simple, straightforward and consistent—makes the road to financial peace more accessible and less scary for clients.

“The other training that I’ve been through has all been kind of man-made, but the principles behind Financial Coach Master Series go back to Creation,” he says. “This is God’s plan, so why would we try to reinvent the wheel? If you look at God’s Word, the answers to finance are there. Instead of the flavor of the week trying to promote the newest and greatest thing, this is proven because it’s of God.”

Travis attended Financial Coach Master Series in October 2014 in anticipation of his church, CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio, launching Momentum in September 2015. (Momentum is church-wide stewardship training that helps congregations transform the way they think about money, debt and giving, using a trifold approach of classes, sermons and Bible studies.)

Because of their professional finance skills, Travis and his wife (also a financial advisor) will serve on the leadership team tasked with carrying out Momentum at CrossBridge. The training he received, he says, will further equip him to translate his professional skills into a church setting and allow him to coach those at CrossBridge who need financial guidance before, during and after Momentum. The coaching will be just one building block of a larger ministry.

“We’re slowly building up to the point so that when we launch Momentum, we’ll have a stewardship ministry in place,” he says.

And a holistic stewardship ministry is at the heart of all this. Because, really, biblical financial coaching is all about reminding people that God owns it all, and we’re just the managers of everything He’s blessed us with.

“After going through the training, it’s a lot easier for me to go back and tell people what this is really all about,” Travis says. “Momentum and financial coaching and even Financial Peace University are not about fundraising campaigns. They’re really more about freeing people from those financial shackles so they can live by design and not by default; so they can live intentionally and be the person God wants them to be and be the Christian they’re called to be; and so they can help others. Because how can you help someone if you can’t even pay for your own groceries? There’s a sense of worth, accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from being able to do that. I think that’s what God wants us to feel.

Not to mention that sense of hope. That’s pretty powerful, too.

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