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Check Out Our New FPU Promo Materials

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We know coordinating Financial Peace University means more than just leading classes. It involves promoting those classes so that people actually sign up to attend, too. That’s a huge responsibility, and we recognize that!

We’re anticipating a record number of January and February classes in 2017. So to kick off an awesome year of FPU, we’re announcing brand new promotional materials to make your job as a coordinator easier. The new promo suite includes posters, social media posts, and an exciting new video just waiting to be shared with your church!

Now you can spread the word about your FPU classes like never before. Get ready to take the new materials for a spin and generate some serious enthusiasm for your upcoming classes. It’s time to encourage people to sign up so they can take control of their money once and for all!

You can find everything you need to promote FPU on FPU Central. It’s all ready for you to use today!


Need some inspiration? Read what John and Dorothy Bridges have learned after co-coordinating one hundred FPU classes in 13 years.