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the passion behind Celebrations of Life

Celebrations of Life: Helping People Leave a Lasting Legacy

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Legacy is more than what we leave behind. It’s living right now as we wish to be remembered after we’re gone. That’s the passion behind Celebrations of Life and its licensed facilitators. Using three different—but interconnected—pathways, Celebrations of Life emphasizes the need to reflect on our lives and take on each new day with intentionality.

This innovative program makes it easy, affordable and meaningful for everyone to create an enduring legacy. It allows you to share your values, wisdom and generosity with your loved ones and future generations. This mission is achieved through a variety of channels:

• Training, coaching, licensing and certifying legacy facilitators who can hold workshops and coaching sessions in their local markets

• Providing affordable, accessible and engaging resources and services

• Helping clients preserve their legacies in beautiful and affordable books and keepsakes

• Developing programs for organizations that care about helping people get to the heart of what really matters.

To learn more about Celebrations of Life, visit their website.