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Do you really need another ministry?

5 Ways a Stewardship Ministry Will Transform Your Church

Chris brown

by Chris Brown | Stewardship Ministry | Comments

We all hope to change our city. Seeing people come to Jesus is what pastors live to do. But we can’t get there without remembering the simple rule of cause and effect.

You see, healthy people build healthy churches, and healthy churches reach communities. If we ever hope to change our city, we must also consider our congregation. A stewardship ministry is a great way to care for the church.

Do we really need another ministry?

I get it. I really do. As a pastor, I often found myself frustrated with staff and eager church members who kept wanting to add more to the weekly plate of our church. To me, more ministries felt like more distractions.

But then, I had parenting issues. I had financial problems. I had work struggles. I quickly realized that, as a pastor, I needed to focus on the weekend. However, our church members had to spread their focus out over the entire week. They had finances crumbling on Mondays, husbands leaving on Wednesdays, and kids getting expelled on Fridays.

An hour on Sunday is a start, but it’s nowhere near the amount of help our members really need. A love for our people and our city should drive us to support new ministries. Launching a stewardship ministry is just one way for your church to gain strength and vitality.

This is what stewardship ministry is all about: Giving people practical tools to live life on purpose. I’m talking about finances, yes, but not just finances. We want our members to parent on purpose, love on purpose, and show up to work with a purpose.

A purposeful, healthy congregation can radicalize a city.

Supporting a stewardship ministry will benefit your church in the following ways:

1. Lift all economic categories of members

People who are in control of their finances, instead of controlled by them, find more money in the month. They form positive habits and make huge progress.

By adding a stewardship ministry to your church, you’ll begin to see the struggling become stable, the stable become solid, and the solid become people of surplus. And people of surplus will give.

2. Take the counseling load off of the pastoral team

Stewardship ministry is centered on building a toolbox of helpful resources for your members. One of the most important things we can place in that toolbox is the time and wisdom of trusted volunteers.

When pastors don’t have the time or full confidence to make a heavy decision, adequately trained volunteers can carry some of the burden.

3. Provide permanent solutions instead of temporary fixes

A stewardship ministry teaches people how to fish for themselves. We’re better helpers when the help comes with guidance for the future.

“Next time” situations will be greatly minimized, and before long, once-struggling members will find stability and may even be able to help someone else.

4. Create a hub for stories of changed lives

We all know stories can make a sermon. Good stories—ones where people take ownership of their lives and trust God to transform their mess into something beautiful—are hard to find.

A stewardship ministry will become your first stop for faith-building stories.

5. Build trust between members and leadership

There’s no need to fear money talk in a church that’s successfully running a stewardship ministry.

A stewardship ministry makes the conversation about them, not you; about their finances, not the churches; and about giving to them, not getting from them. Doing what’s best for your people will result in what’s best for your church and your community.

Stewardship ministry understands that healthy, free, purposeful, and progress-driven churches change communities. You can help facilitate this change by supporting or starting a stewardship ministry today!

Chris Brown is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, pastor, and dynamic speaker carrying the message of stewardship and intentional living nationwide. Available on radio stations across the country, Chris Brown’s True Stewardship provides biblical solutions and sound advice for questions on life and money.

Chris started his ministry in the trenches as a campus pastor. He went on to use his previous business and real estate training in a number of executive-level pastoral roles. During this time, Chris managed multimillion-dollar congregational budgets and supervised the launch and development of eight global church campuses with more than 12,000 members.

Prior to joining Ramsey Solutions in 2014, Chris spent seven years leading many to Christ while growing churches in North Carolina and Florida. He was ordained in 2007, and he often draws from his childhood and college experiences to deliver messages of God’s love and of exceptional faith.

Chris and his wife, Holly, live in Franklin, Tennessee, with their three children. You can follow Chris online at www.stewardship.com, on Twitter at @ChrisBrownOnAir, or at www.facebook.com/ChrisBrownOnAir.

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