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3 Ways to Promote FPU Just Before Classes Begin

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You’re in the homestretch, coordinators. You’ve been promoting your first class of 2017 for a month now, maybe two, and week one of Financial Peace University is on the horizon. We hope you’re excited about the people who’ve already signed up to transform their lives through your FPU class!

But you want as many people as possible to experience that transformation. So what can you do to take advantage of the remaining time before class starts to sign up as many people as possible?

Try these three pro tips that have worked for coordinators just like you. Each tip makes it easy and painless for people to sign up!

1. Tie in a congregational preview to a stewardship-themed sermon.

FPU previews are the easiest way to register people for classes. And congregational previews are great because your entire church is already there on Sundays.

Ask your pastor if they are willing to preach a sermon on biblical stewardship and God’s views on money. Many already do this in January or February anyway, since so many people resolve at the start of a new year to get their finances in order. If your pastor agrees, ask if they’ll include a three-to-four-minute video in their message explaining what FPU’s all about. You can also show a longer, class preview video after the sermon if you know people will stick around for it. Even if the sermon is unrelated to money, it’s still fine to show a preview afterward!

Before the service begins, print out FPU registration forms to place on each seat. Ask people to fill them out and drop them off with their membership fee on their way out of church. Easy!

2. Share our brand-new promo video.

Speaking of showing videos, we have a brand-new promo video we’ve created to generate excitement for FPU at your church! It explains the value of FPU and shows people just how incredibly powerful and transforming the class can be. As a coordinator, you now have access to this new video. Share it with your congregation in person, on your church’s social media accounts, or even through your own social media. It’s a great tool for getting the word out.

3. Make week one of FPU free to attend.

If people still are unsure about signing up, invite them to attend the first week of FPU for free. They don’t have to register to attend—they just have to show up. If they’re convinced after hearing you talk more about it, experiencing Dave teach, and participating in some great small-group discussion (and who wouldn’t be after all that?), then they can sign up after class. Just have your laptop out and some extra FPU memberships ready to go!

Remember, when signing up members of your church for FPU, the path of least resistance is always the best path. Make the process quick, convenient and simple for them. Those people who hold out until the last minute might just be the ones you see make the most dramatic life-change of all!


It's never too late to help people in your church and community. If you're interested in starting a Financial Peace University, give our Stewardship Advisors a call at 877-378-2667.