Leaders Reclaiming Biblical Stewardship
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Why I’m Stoked About the 2016 Stewardship Conference

by Chris Brown|Stewardship Ministry

I’ve learned some important money lessons in my life, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that biblical stewardship makes a huge difference in the pews and in the pulpit.

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How Saddleback Church Built a Stewardship Ministry

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Chris Goulard's advice for running a complex, multifaceted stewardship ministry for the church’s more than 22,000 weekly attendees.

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5 Steps to a Successful Stewardship Ministry

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

If you walk through these five steps, you’ll invite a spirit of unity. And where there is unity, there is blessing!

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Why Multi-Sites are Good Biblical Stewardship

by Chris Brown|Stewardship Ministry

Through the multi-site model, we can reach people in areas we couldn't otherwise, and churches can grow without building massive campuses. Multi-sites are pretty awesome.

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5 Ways a Stewardship Ministry Will Transform Your Church

by Chris Brown|Stewardship Ministry

A stewardship ministry is all about giving people practical tools to live life on purpose. A purposeful, healthy congregation can radicalize a city.

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The One Number Every Pastor Needs to Know

by Chris Brown|Stewardship Ministry

If I told you most churches in America weren’t living up to their God-given potential, would you believe me? Here’s the truth. . .

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4 Creative Ways to Teach Stewardship This Fall

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship doesn’t become a part of your church’s culture overnight. But with patience, persistence, and a heart that’s in the right place, you can lead your church there.

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3 Questions People Want to Ask Their Pastor About Money

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Chances are someone in your own church is wondering the same thing.

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Gunnar Johnson's 5 Tips for Building a Stewardship Ministry

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Gunnar shares his insights on building a stewardship ministry from scratch, utilizing volunteers and landmines to avoid.

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9 Last-Minute Ways to Prepare for Easter

by Chris Brown|Stewardship Ministry

You probably already have most of the details of your Easter Sunday already set, but consider these nine quick tips as you go into the last few weeks leading up to the Super Bowl of church services.

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A Smart Way to Reach Families This Easter

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Easter, the highest church attendance day of the year, is coming fast! High attendance is great but the real success lies in how many people return. Have you thought about the weeks afterward?

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Why Continue With Money?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

We trust God with our lives when we fly cross-country. We pray for guidance in relationships and jobs. Yet when it comes to the cash in our bank accounts . . . well, we think we know best how to use it.

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4 Ways to Cultivate Generous Hearts in Your Congregation

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Fostering generosity in your congregation doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. It takes planning, intentionality and time.

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Sample Job Description: Do You have a Stewardship Pastor?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

What should you look for when hiring a Stewardship Pastor? We’ve created a sample job description of what you need to watch for.

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Dave Ramsey Explains the Biblical Principles of Wealth and Money

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Wealth can be a blessing or a curse. It’s not the money that’s the problem, though. It’s our attitude toward it.

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Dave Briggs' 3 Tips for a Holistic Stewardship Ministry

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

So what does an effective, holistic stewardship ministry look like? It’s a toolbox filled with resources for every person and situation.

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Progress Through Intentionality

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

A Nashville-area church leads its congregation through Momentum, one tiny step at a time.

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Pastor Robert Morris Calls Us to Change Our Hearts

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Pastor Robert Morris explains how generosity leads to a life overflowing with blessings.

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20 Years of Changing Family Trees

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

This represents just three of the millions of stories that can now be told because of you.

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The Sun is Rising on Sunset’s Future

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

The congregation of 1,200 members in Lubbock, Texas, has been saddled with debt since Eisenhower’s first term as president.

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Baton Rouge’s The Chapel Sees Heart Change

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

The Chapel’s journey toward Transformation 2014 began when it sent 12 of its leaders to three different Momentum trainings and spent a year preparing for its launch.

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Building Momentum

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Since accepting the Momentum challenge and paying off its debt, St. Pius X Catholic Church in Kentucky has discovered new opportunities to minister within the church and beyond its walls.

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Financial Transformation

by Brian Horvath|Stewardship Ministry

In our seventh year of the Stewardship Ministry, Financial Peace University has expanded to annual enrollment of 300 to 500 people.

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The Whole Picture

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

Effective stewardship includes both financial education and financial coaching. They work together to make a difference in the lives of individuals and congregations.

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God-Sized Goals Met at Northland

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Ministry

When Marc McMurrin, executive director of operations, found out that Momentum included a goal of putting 80% of the congregation through FPU at one time, he felt overwhelmed.