Leaders Reclaiming Biblical Stewardship
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A Leader's Role In Evangelism

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

When it comes to leading people to Jesus and into the church, the early church had it right.

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The Need to Redefine Stewardship

by Dave Ramsey|Stewardship Defined

When many church members hear the word “stewardship,” one idea pops into their minds: capital campaigns. They can’t help it. That’s how stewardship has been defined in churches for years.

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Is Poverty Next to Godliness?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Messages from our culture about wealth and success can be pretty confusing. On one hand, we’re encouraged to work hard and succeed. On the other hand, those who are winning with money are told they’re evil.

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Changing the Way People Think About Generosity

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Brad Formsma loves a riveting story. In fact, he’s found that a powerful story about giving can be the key to unleashing the radically generous giver inside all of us.

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All in With God

by Jud Wilhite|Stewardship Defined

Pastor Jud Wilhite teaches that stewardship involves complete surrender—and incredible blessings.

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Why Talk About Stewardship?

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Darren Whitehead challenges leaders to make a difference in the world by focusing on stewardship at home.

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The Stewardship Challenge

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Launched in the fall of 2013, Stewardship Central is a website completely dedicated to helping church leaders understand and communicate the true meaning of biblical stewardship.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Steward?

by Chris Williamson|Stewardship Defined

Chris Williamson’s message is simple: We are managers of God’s stuff. He owns it all.

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Whose Money Is It?

by Max Lucado|Stewardship Defined

Biblical stewardship reminds us that God owns everything we have. Conference speaker Max Lucado explains how stewardship can set you free.

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Back to Square One

by Mike Glenn|Stewardship Defined

Stewardship is what gives meaning, direction, joy and purpose to our lives. There is no greater honor than working with God to fulfill the dreams He has for His creation.

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Unlocking Generosity

by Craig Groeschel |Stewardship Defined

Many church leaders feel tension when it comes to talking about money. But spiritual leaders have a responsibility to empower their people to embrace generosity and the biblical model of stewardship.

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Reclaim the Meaning of Stewardship

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Chris Goulard, Pastor of Stewardship at Saddleback Church, would tell you there’s a movement back to true, biblical stewardship.

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A Call to Stewardship

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Materialism is so widely accepted in our society that it can almost seem normal. It’s even considered okay to go into debt to attain a higher standard of living than you can actually afford. It’s just how our world works today.

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Creating a “More Than Enough” Culture

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

Incredible generosity can’t become a thing of the past. God still wants His people to become cheerful givers, and leaders still have a responsibility to encourage a culture of generous giving in their churches.