Leaders Reclaiming Biblical Stewardship
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Financial Peace Leads to Spiritual Freedom

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

They weren't interested in a spiritual journey, but their search for financial peace led them to a personal encounter with the Prince of Peace. The biblical principles in FPU started opening their hearts to the gospel.

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Being Rich

by Andy Stanley |Financial Discipleship

One step to becoming generous is realizing that you're rich. You can be rich and not know it. In fact, most rich people aren’t all that good at being rich—even those within the church.

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Encouraging Fruitfulness From A Biblical Perspective

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

By revealing the truth of God’s Word as it relates to money and making it applicable through examples, you can propel your congregation toward fruitfulness.

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Recognize the Signs of Discontentment

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Talking about money in church is an admittedly touchy subject. There’s one issue in particular that, if not dealt with, makes the proper handling of money almost impossible.

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Fighting the Fear

by Robert Morris|Financial Discipleship

Creating a culture of giving is about surrounding yourself and creating a leadership team of people who support the vision of your heart.

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Is Wealth Evil?

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Dave recently discussed this topic on air and he covers it thoroughly in "The Legacy Journey." It’s a loaded question. Thankfully, the Bible provides direction on the answer.

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Tackling the Money Topic

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Money has the potential to be our greatest blessing or our greatest curse. The church is looking to you for guidance.

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Ministering to the World—Unhindered

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

Being debt-free will allow us to travel and do missionary work wherever God calls us, living at minimal costs, without the burden of sending our paychecks to a lender.

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How Do You View Money?

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

While discontentment has us constantly aching for more, contentment provides the peace and strength we need to win with money. In order to walk in that peace, we must first address how we look at money.