Leaders Reclaiming Biblical Stewardship
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More Vision than Resources?

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Sc small vineyardchurch Case study

How One Church Got Out of Debt to Change a City

by Stewardship Central|Financial Discipleship

At around 200 attendees on a typical Sunday, Vineyard Community Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, isn’t huge, but when they went through Momentum, they paid off $78,370 worth of debt!

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A Leader's Role In Evangelism

by Stewardship Central|Stewardship Defined

When it comes to leading people to Jesus and into the church, the early church had it right.

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4 Leadership Lessons From Tim Tebow

by Stewardship Central|Leadership

Tim has been a leader to millions of people worldwide who’ve been touched by his faith or his ministry. And with such a large platform, he’s learned a thing or two about leading well.

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Chris brown
Personality robert morris
Craig Groeschel|Senior Pastor of LifeChurch.tv; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

One of the most important things we can do as Christian leaders is to maximize the resources entrusted to our care. We know that if we are faithful with a little, God will trust us with more.

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Dave Ramsey|Host of The Dave Ramsey Show

When families get intentional in how they handle God’s resources, it changes how they save and give. It strengthens marriages and empowers parenting. It fuels passionate worship. Simply put, stewardship changes your whole life!

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Bill Hybels|Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church; South Barrington, Illinois

Nothing tests the mettle of a Christ follower more than how he or she manages God’s resources.

Chris Brown|Ramsey Solutions

True beliefs echo the loudest through the massive megaphone of daily Stewardship.

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Robert Morris|Senior Pastor of Gateway Church; Dallas, Texas

People must be equipped to walk out what they’ve been taught in regards to giving. Preaching the what and the why motivates them and creates a desire—teaching them how moves that desire into action.

Read article by Robert Morris